System administration under Windows Server

In the "Windows Server system administration" category, you will find mainly tutorials on :

  • Active Directory

    Centralized users management, policies (group policies / GPO), shared folders, ...

  • Certification authority

    Sign your certificates to secure servers in your local network (or intranet), ...

  • DNS Server

    Management of one or more domain names in a local network (or intranet).

  • DHCP Server

    Distribution of IP addresses to allow client computers to communicate over the network. Also used for PXE.

  • NAT and network routing

    Turn your server into a router to filter Internet access.

  • PXE (boot on the network)

    Create a PXE server to boot your PC clients on Live CD, bootable disks, ... over the network.

  • WDS (Windows deployment services)

    Install many identical copies of Windows. Sysprep can be used to generalize a Windows installation.

  • Terminal Server (thin clients)

    Boot thin clients on a terminal server. These clients will not need hard drives to operate.

  • Terminal Server (RemoteApp)

    Eg : use applications published on a server by using Remote Desktop Services.

  • Virtualization solutions

    Eg : install virtualization solutions (such as Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix PVS, 2X ThinClientServer, ...) designed for Windows Server.

  • Shared folders and NTFS rights

    Share server folders and use the Active Directory to manage NTFS security of these shares.

  • And more.

    Coming soon : management of group policies, ...