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InformatiWeb Pro, is a professional IT website that allows you to learn topics below :

  • System administration (Windows Server)

    System administration (Windows Server)
    • Active Directory (ADDS) and certification authority (ADCS)
    • DHCP (IP addresses distribution)
    • NAT and network routing (allows you to use your server as a router)
    • DNS (domain name management of an intranet, for example)
    • PXE (boot on the network)
    • WDS (Windows installation over the network)
    • Terminal Server (thin clients, RemoteApp, ...)
    • And more.
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  • System administration (Linux)

    System administration (Linux)
    • Web server and database
    • Securing the web server with SSL (HTTPS)
    • FTP server (to transfer your website on your Linux server)
    • DNS server (to manage your domains on your server)
    • SSH (secure remote connection)
    • E-mails (complete mail server secured with SSL and TLS)
    • Configure the Linux firewall
    • Monitoring (attack detection and monitoring of server resources)
    • Certification authority (certificates creation)
    • And more.
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  • Virtualization

    • Virtualization servers (Citrix XenServer, VMware ESXi, ...)
    • Applications virtualization (Citrix XenApp, 2X ApplicationServer XG, ...)
    • Desktops virtualization (Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Workstation, ...)
    • And more.
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Passionate since childhood in IT, I like to understand how the IT works either at the OS, the Web or the programming itself.
As you can see, web development (client and server side) is one of my passions in IT.