Debian / Ubuntu - Install a FTP server

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We will explain how to quickly install and configure an FTP server on the Ubuntu machine for each system corresponds to a FTP account user.

Tutorial tested on Ubuntu (12.04 and 14.04) and Debian 7.7.0.

  1. Install the FTP server
  2. FTP server's configuration

1. Install the FTP server

First, install the FTP server "ProFTPD".


apt-get install proftpd

During installation, the program will ask you to choose a type of launch for this server. Simply select the "Independent".

2. FTP server's configuration

To configure the FTP server, edit the file "/etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf" like this :


# Disable IPv6 (if you wish)
UseIPv6 Off
# Hide symlinks (equivalent Windows shortcuts in summary)
ShowSymLinks Off
# Restrict users to their home directories
# Prevents users of the FTP server to enter in the system folders.
DefaultRoot ~
# The user used must exist on the system (a Ubuntu user = a FTP user)
RequireValidShell on
# Change the port (if you wish)
Port 21
# Activate passive ports for file transfers.
# If you're on a VPS, decrease the range for opening fewer ports in firewall.
PassivePorts 49500 496000

Then add the following lines to the end of the file to allow the resumption of uploads and downloads :


# Authorize the resumption of an upload
AllowStoreRestart On
# Authorize the resumption of a download
AllowRetrieveRestart On

And finally, restart the FTP server :


/etc/init.d/proftpd restart