Useful softwares (packages) for Linux

In the "Useful software for Linux" category, you will find the known and useful softwares for servers running with a Linux distribution (including Debian and Ubuntu).

  • The web or the network

    Eg : Web servers and modules, database servers, DNS servers, ...

  • The security

    Eg : Firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, certification authority, certificates management, secure remote access.

  • Monitoring

    Eg : server monitoring, hacker attacks detection, creating graphics of server resources use, ...

  • Transfer or file sharing

    Eg : FTP server (to upload your website or store files on your server), NFS (useful in a company), ...

  • E-mail server and access protocols

    Eg : an email server (E-mails are stored on your server), SMTP (send), IMAP and POP3 protocols (access to e-mails).

  • Centralization of contacts on a server

    Eg : Searching contacts on a LDAP server or synchronization with CardDAV.

  • Known Linux distributions

    Download legally and for free Linux distributions used for servers or by individuals.

  • And more.

    Eg : Various utilities for Linux.