• Publié le : 15 August 2015 at 13:16 UTC
  • Lionel Eppe

Monit is a very useful program because he is able to check the availability of your different services and restart them if they become unstable or inaccessible.

For this, Monit can:

  • check if a service is started
  • alert you by email when a problem occurs on your server
  • alert you when a service becomes unstable and automatically restart it if you want
  • check services individually or in groups
  • check the availability of your website and if you want a specific page of your site
  • Monit supports TCP and UDP protocols, and monitoring of them over SSL (eg HTTPS)
  • check resources (CPU and RAM) used by Linux and your services
  • check the stability of your Linux server
  • and more.

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apt-get install monit