Useful softwares for Linux - Monitoring

    • Package name : bandwidthd
    • Author : David Hinkle
    • Category : Monitoring
    • Licence : Free
    • Bandwidthd is a network monitoring program that allows you to generate statistics in HTML format.
      These statistics will allow you to know the bandwidth used by your server or by computers in your local network.

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    • Package name : heartbeat
    • Author : Linux-HA
    • Category : Monitoring
    • Licence : Free
    • Heartbeat is a Linux subsystem for high-availability under Linux.
      For example : Heartbeat can be used with DRBD and Pacemaker.

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    • Package name : iptraf
    • Author : Gerard Paul Java
    • Category : Monitoring
    • Licence : Free
    • IPTraf is a network monitoring program in real-time.
      This program allows you to analyze the network traffic of your server or of your local network using the promiscuous mode.

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    • Package name : logwatch
    • Author : Logwatch
    • Category : Monitoring
    • Licence : Free
    • Logwatch is a very useful program to receive periodic email with a summary of errors that have occurred on your Linux server.
      Which notably allows to detect attacks recently received on your server.

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    • Package name : monit
    • Author : Tildeslash Ltd
    • Category : Monitoring
    • Licence : Free
    • Monit is a very useful program because he is able to check the availability of your different services and restart them if they become unstable.

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