VMware Workstation 15 - Install VMware Tools on Windows Server in Core mode

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As you already know, the advantage of a minimal installation of Windows Server is that it's lighter and it only offers a command prompt.

Nevertheless, installing VMware Tools on Windows Server Core (no matter the version) is much simpler than it seems.
To begin, click : VM -> Install VMware Tools.

At the bottom of the VMware Workstation window, you will see a message with the location of the "setup.exe" file in the guest OS.
In this case, VMware Workstation tells us that we need to run the "D:\setup.exe" file.

To launch it, just type this path in the command prompt.



A small "VMware Product Installation" window will appear at the bottom right.

Then, a "VMware Tools Setup" window will appear.
Click Next, Typical Installation, ... as you would with a typical Windows version.

And now, VMware Tools will work in the background (after restarting the virtual machine) and you will be able to use the features offered by VMware Workstation : drag and drop, VMware shared folders, ...