ControlUp Logon Simulator - Quickly diagnose connections problems to your Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop environment

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3.2. Machine or delivery catalog in maintenance

When a machine or a delivery group is in maintenance, some applications will no longer be accessible.
So we will test this other case as well.

To do this, go to "Delivery Groups" and right-click "Enable maintenance mode" on a delivery group.

Since the delivery group is in maintenance, the associated machines will also be in maintenance.

For active sessions, in this case, there were none.

We reboot ControlUp Logon Simulator and start the connection.

As expected, the connection fails and ControlUp Logon Simulator displays the error "The requested workstation is in maintenance mode and can not be used".

This time, ControlUp Logon Simulator tells you about a machine that is in maintenance and can not be used.
Indeed, the desired machine and the provisioning group of which it is part are in maintenance.

We restore the configuration by disabling the maintenance mode of the delivery group.

Then, we restart the connection from ControlUp Logon Simulator.

The application starts without problems.

3.3. Application not available

When you publish applications from a machine running Windows 7 or any other client version of Windows, you often receive the error "Unable to launch as the application is not currently available".
This occurs because client versions of Windows don't support the simultaneous connection of multiple users, unlike Windows server versions that allow it (such as via Terminal Server technology).

In short, to test this particular case, we installed the VDA on a Windows 7 machine and we published the application "Notepad" of it.

To begin, we launch ControlUp Logon Simulator and we try to connect with our "InformatiUser" user.

As expected, the Notepad of Windows 7 appears.
We leave the program open and we launch a second time ControlUp Logon Simulator.

In the 2nd ControlUp Logon Simulator window, we try to connect with a second user named "User1".

Since the application is available only on one machine and is currently used by the "InformatiUser" user, the "User1" user doesn't have access to this machine or to the application which is there.
So, ControlUp Logon Simulator displays the "No workstations are available to service this request" error.
This error at least allows you to know that the connection failed due to a machine not available (currently).

Then, keep in mind that some sessions remain active for some time even when the application is closed by the 1st user.

Without ControlUp Logon Simulator, you would have only seen the "Unable to launch as the application is not currently available" error.
And since this error is generic, it would not have allowed you to easily find the cause of this error.