• Publié le : 15 August 2015 at 15:19 UTC
  • Lionel Eppe

PhpMyAdmin is the most famous web interface to manage your MySQL database.

phpMyAdmin allows you to :

  • Create, modify, duplicate and delete databases
  • Create, modify, duplicate, and delete tables
  • Copy entire tables, their structures and/or their structure and their data
  • Manage indexes of your tables : primary keys, unique indexes, ...
  • Run SQL queries in different contexts (selected database, selected table or no context)
  • Choose the storage engine to use (MyISAM or InnoDB)
  • Import and export data in different formats : SQL, CSV, Excel, ...
  • Manage rights and users
  • Manage relationships and constraints of InnoDB databases

PhpMyAdmin is available in many languages, because he's international.
Then, phpMyAdmin is offered for free by all web hosts.

Important : We recommend that you secure the access to PMA using SSL (https protocol).

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apt-get install phpmyadmin